About Us

  Based out of Collegeville, PA, the Living Now team came together with the purpose of rekindling a love for the outdoors among adolescents. 

One of the foundational moments of Living Now, atop Pinnacle Overlook along the Appalachian Trail.
   The Living Now Team was created with the hope of spreading our philosophy: There is no better way to spend a day than in the outdoors with friends.  We spread our message by creating content of our own outdoor adventures, in the form of videos, pictures, and blogs.  We also sell eco-friendly Apparel, and donate the proceeds to select non-profit organizations, currently proceeds go to The Appalachian Mountain Club. Whether it be a hike in our local state park, or a weekend camping trip, our main mission is to create content to promote an outdoor lifestyle. For more information, visit Our Story.
The squad for the first ever Living Now trip to Sullivan Falls, PA.