Culmination of Year One

When we started Living Now in November of 2019 our biggest goal was to enjoy the outdoors with one another and bring some friends along too.  Now, almost a year and a pandemic later, we are very proud to have been able to surpass our original goal immensely.  As of June 2020, we became President Society members of the Appalachian Mountain Club.   After tallying the entirety of proceeds from apparel sales, we made a donation of $1,000.  We cannot thank everyone enough who supported us along our journey.

Before COVID was a concern, we were able to go on our first seven trips and bring over a dozen of our peers along with us for the experience.  We have camped in 15 degree weather, climbed mountains at 2 a.m, roasted hotdogs in bear country, and dropped Gavin's camera countless times.  Through all the time, travel, and challenges along the way we could not have asked for a better experience. 

Looking forward, Gavin, Dillion and I are all planning on attending college next fall, but in the meantime we are excited to spend this year sharing our experiences with even more of the people around us.  We are also extremely excited at the prospect of becoming involved with the AMC  to do clean ups and other preservation work.  The next event we are planning is going to be a morning hike at the Pinnacle Overlook and we are looking to get about 15 people to come experience the amazing sunrise with us.  We can't wait to be out on the trails again and really we can't thank our supporters enough.